Dr.Pulley HiT High performance clutch HiT241801

Dr.Pulley HiT High performance clutch HiT241801
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Product no.: HiT241801
Manufacturer: Mr.Pulley
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Products description

New improved model : TPX2K-135-B  (Link)

Dr.Pulley high performance clutch HiT 241801
, clutch bell diameter 135mm

In the Dr.Pulley HiT clutch two sets of springs are working: The clutch spring, inside, controls through the centrifugal power the movement of the clutch pads towards the clutch bell (for example at 3000 rpm). The second set of "torque" springs, externally mounted, controls then the pressure by using a "push pin" on the clutch linings (in the example already at 3400 rpm) against the bell, thus preventing most of the slipping phase of the clutch. Because of less friction, much less heat is generated. heat is lost power. The scooter accelerates much faster because the full power transmission to the rear tyre
already exists at 3,400 rpm, instead of 4000rpm with a normal clutch.

The HiT clutch is very effective while driving with frequent speed changings: To accelerate out of curves or at mountain trips. Or for a powerful overtaking. The graphs show a marked increase in speed and performance especially in low and medium speed ranges.

With the two fully enclosed
sets of spring , the clutch can be customized to all personal needs. For example, if you want to get more power at start, choose a stronger clutch spring to increase the starting rpm. If you want to shorten the slipping phase of the clutch, you should select a weaker pillow (torque) spring. Extreme: To get an extreme start (wheely), choose a strong clutch spring, and a very weak (or no) pillow (torque) spring.

For those who do not want to experiment long, an average spring combination
is already installed with delivery.

Importatant: Together with the HiT high performance clutch the use of not too light vario weights is strongly recommended. The best result you get with Dr.Pulley slider rolls with the same

HiT high-performance clutch, depending on the model with 3 or 4 clutch pads
Minimum of 3 complete sets of clutch springs and torque (pillow) springs
"Washer" rings to increase the pressure of the counter-pressure spring
Spare pins and springs, sticker, instructions, link to the HiT manual

Fits the following Scooters / Scooter / ATV (see also Dr.Pulley Forum)


250 ccm Motor wie Honda CN 250, SH300
Suzuki Burgman 250, CN250, Reflex 250,

Motor von Honda CN250
CFMoto 172A /B /C
Twister Hammerhead 250, Sahara 250, Dazon Raider 250, Blade DX 250s, Joyner Sand Devil 250, Dirt Devil 250, KPX Terranex, Kasea Hawk 250,

CF Moto 250

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