TechPulley Sliding roll FR1613/6-7

TechPulley Sliding roll FR1613/6-7
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Product no.: FR1613/6-7
Manufacturer: TechPulley
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TechPulley sliding rolls in the 16x13mm format, weight 7 grams6 pieces / package.
Attention: For TechPulley Sliding rolls we recommend the weight around 5-10% below the weight of the original rolls.

TechPulley rolls produce a much better acceleration performance than regular roller weights. They are precisely manufactured from a special nylon material that is characterized by particularly good sliding on aluminum (the material of the Vario). The abrasion is much less and the dreaded one-sided flattening of standard roles are not possible. Unlike normal vario rolls TechPulley rollers have a much longer life.

New to the three "wings" of the TechPulley FR roll. The large central wing causes the roll to develop more pressure against the cam-plate, but it also prevents from rattling inside the vario.
The two small wings on the side not only facilitate the correct insertion of the sliding roller in the correct position, but also prevent the tilting of the roller. If these occasionally interfere with them or in special Varios, they can be cut off without hesitation.

TechPulley recommends that you choose the weight of the FR sliding rolls 5%below the original rolls or (if you are heavy and/or like to drive mountain roads) 5-10% below the weight of the original rolls in the original variator. Then a significant powerful acceleration results in an almost unchanged or even better top speed with same fuel consumption. If the weight is chosen equal to he original weight, the acceleration is slightly stronger, but may slightly increase the maximum speed for the same or even slightly reduced consumption.

Fits the following scooter / motor models:
see Dr.Pulley forum


Easy, Storm

Sniper, DJY, DJX, CX 50 Super, DY World, Heroism 50, KB 50, K12 50, DINK 50, Top Box 50, People 50
Super 8 2T 4T, Super 9 2T, DJ50 GR1, Scout 50, Curio CX, Agility City, Agility RX, Yager 50,

Lead, Bali, SXR, SGX 50Sky, SH50, SH50 neu, Sport SFX
, Vision, Dio, Shadow, Sky, FX, SRX, X8R


Looxor TDSI, Speedfight H20, SC Metropolis, Buxy, Elyseo, Buxy, Rapido,
SV Ego, Trekker, Vivacity, Zenith, Squab, Speedake, GEO, ST, Metropolis

Star, Big max, Comet,

Free, NRG, Quartz, Sfera 50 1995>, Typhoon 50, Free, ZIP fast rider, ZIP SP, Sfera 80, ET2 50 >1998,
Vespa ET2 125,

DD, Fiddle

AEROX 50 2001,




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