5x washer Piaggio 17x24x0.1

Product no.: DS172401

5x washer Piaggio 17x24x0.1 mm

To avoid the rubbing of the belt at the oil pan gasket from Piaggio Quasar engines (200-300ccm) the belt should never rise  higher than to the edge of the vario disc. He should rather stay slightly below. In general, a washer of 1mm thickness is pre-installed, this may be too little. By using this  5pcs set each 0.1 mm washers, installed in addition to the 1mm washer, the rising height can be adjusted perfectly. To check the belt position you  should make an Edding pen test.

The washers fit  also to the Vario from Piaggio Leader engines.


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5x washer Piaggio 17x24x0.1