Dr.Pulley Sliding roll SR2115/6-15

Product no.: SR2115/6-15

 Dr.Pulley sliding rolls in the 21x15mm format, weight 15 grams6 pieces / package.

This size is special made for the Dr.Pulley Tuning variomatic V201503, designed for most Piaggio engines (like Vespa ) 125-300cc.

Dr.Pulley rolls produce a much better acceleration performance than regular roller weights. They are precisely manufactured from a special nylon material that is characterized by particularly good sliding on aluminum (the material of the Vario). The abrasion is minimal and the dreaded one-sided flattening of standard roles are not possible. Unlike normal vario rolls Dr.Pulley rollers have an up to 15x longer life.

Dr.Pulley recommends that you choose the weight of the SR role sliding around 10-15% below the weight of the series role. Then a significant powerful acceleration results in an almost unchanged top speed and fuel consumption. If the weight is chosen to equal the original weight, the acceleration is slightly stronger, but may slightly increase the maximum speed for the same or even slightly reduced consumption.

Fits for  this scooters:
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Dr.Pulley Sliding roll SR2115/6-15