Product no.: B134P

Dr.Pulley clutchbell B211701-134P

Dr.Pulley clutch bells are made from high quality steel with high precision. The circulating cooling fins are welded, not just pressed. Of course, the bells are well balanced for excellent concentricity.

When to replace a clutch bell?
The clutch bell is the connector between the clutch and drive axle. You get extreme heat during the slipping of the clutch linings. Simple clutch bells can warp slightly (not round), If the heat was too much. For example, acceleration with high rider weight, starting up on a steep hill may make an end of a bell. This is often evident in a blue colour of the bell. Already 1/10mm noncircular can lead to a jerking clutch. Here is an example of a non-round and become blued bell.

By using a HIT clutch the danger of overheating of the bell is much lower. The greatly shortened slipping phase of the clutch
generated significantly less heat in the bell. The lost heat energy is transferred faster to drive instead, which makes for much better acceleration.

weight 880g

fitting for all Piaggio Quasar engine, bell diameter 134mm


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