Have a look to our new TV information video, produced during
INTERMOT in Cologne. Sorry, only in German language.

Please take notice:
Shipping to European countries is 4,50 without tracking and insurance.
up to 500gr weight, 8,90 up to 1kg, 15 up to 5kg. Non EU countries and
oversea countries:
4,50 up
to 500gr weight, 8,90 up to 1kg
. Up to 5kg. 25-45
To some countries like Russia, South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Turkey
and some more we ship only with
insurance and tracking number. In this case shipping is additional
3,50. We strongly recommend
to chose "shipping with tracking and insurance"!

If your order is below 18, we add an additional low order charge of 6.

A listing of the most important scooters and quads with
order numbers for  FR and SR sliding rolls, SP sliding
pieces and TechPulley clutch is
here to find.   If you miss your scooter,
please ask by email.

Dealer and workshops: ask for special conditions
Only workshops and dealer for Scooter, motorbike and
Quad/ATV can apply for dealer conditions.
Please submit by email the URL to your homepage.