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To order after End of July 2020
SMARTbike is a trademark of My-Travel-Bike.

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We have been traveling with our motorhome to Aquitaine on the French Atlantic coast for many years. Anyone who has been there knows that there are the most beautiful, widest, longest and loneliest beaches. Ideal for long walks with our dogs. Whatever was a problem: Although the beaches offer plenty of space at low tide to explore them by bike, it was hardly possible with a normal bike. The thin tires sink in, not usable in the sand.
However, we observed cyclists who - on site rented - easily drove kilometers on the beach because they had really thick tires that did not sink. Such bikes were on the wish list from now on, but as an eBike! However: How should you transport these big bicycles on or in the motorhome? Impossible. But foldable - that would be the solution! Unfortunately, it didn't exist yet.

This is how the idea for "My Travel Bike" came about. With fairly precise ideas about the equipment and quality, we contacted manufacturers, visited trade fairs and then found what we were looking for in China. Since then, the SMARTbikes designed by us have been manufactured there, and they travel to Germany by sea container. Here they are assembled, checked and sent to you, our customers.
Through direct import and direct sales, we can realize an enormously low price for our SMARTbikes, despite extensive and high-quality equipment. We start with two attractive eBikes: The SMARTbike BigFoot for use on the road and in any terrain. And the SMARTbike NANO, an extremely compact "always with you" eBike that comes with a suitable carrying case.

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